Food is our Business.

Dimsims 1.50
Vegetable Springrolls1.50
Garlic Balls1.50
Potato Scallops1.50
Chicken Wings2.00
Sweet Chilli Tenders2.20
Salt & Vinegar Tenders2.20
Chicken Sticks2.50
Chicken Dimsims3.00
Chicken Cheese & Pork Crumbed Snags 3.50
Lasagne Toppers & Triple Decker3.50
Battered Sav3.50
Chicken Cheese & Broccoli 3.50
Chicken Alfredo3.50
Kabanas & Cheese Kransky 3.50
Chiko Roll3.50
Pork Riblette3.50
Pluto Pubs / Dagwood Roll3.80
Sausage Roll (Plain/Bacon Cheese)4.00
Tempura Chicken Kebabs4.00
Chicken Cordon Bleau4.00
Lamb Cutlets4.20
Chicken Drumsticks4.50
Kabana/Rib/ Hotdog in Pastry4.50
Pies & Pasties5.00
Chicken Schnitzel 5.50
Potato Gems w/gravy 5.50
Bacon and Egg Muffin5.50
Toasted Sandwiches 6.50
Bacon & Egg Roll6.50
Daily Special Meals 6.50
Chicken Chilli Dog 7.00
Hot Dog, Bacon Cheese & Onion 7.00
Burgers – 9 Different FlavoursFrom 7.50
Meat & Gravy Roll (Beef/Cheese)7.50
Riblettes Roll7.50
Turkish Bread Marinated Steak9.50
Big Brekky10.00
Water 2.804.00
Flavoured Water 4.80
Full Cream MilK - 600ml 2.80
Full Cream Milk 1L & 2L4.005.00
Skim/Trim Milk 1L & 2L 4.005.00
Flavoured Milk 300ml3.50
Flavoured Milk 500ml & 750ml4.505.50
Flavoured Milk 1L 6.00
Ice Break 500ml & 750ml 5.005.80
Choc Breaka 750ml 5.50
Flavoured Juices 4.205.50
Soft Drink4.80
V 4.005.50
Red Bull 4.005.80
Gatorade 4.806.00
Joe’s Aloe Vera Assorted 5.50
OVI Hydration5.50

Daily Milk Delivery Available

You need your coffee in the morning, but all the milks gone... Not when we're around.
We can deliver to your workplace daily, and can even arrange daily milk checks to ensure your fridge is always stocked and prepared for the morning grind. Get in contact with us today to arrange what works best for you!